Affordable Violin and Piano Lessons in Calgary

Crescendo School of Music offers comprehensive musical instruction for beginners and advanced students alike in Violin, Fiddle, Cello, Piano and Harpsichord. student playing violin We take pride in developing tailored musical courses of study that are both enriching and fun!

Crescendo students have the choice to explore one or more different genres of music from jazz to classical. Particular focus is placed on ear and rhythm training which results in well-rounded musicians!

We encourage our students to participate in local festivals, graded examinations, workshops and regular recitals throughout the year. In fact, each year Crescendo students have the opportunity to participate in two concerts - Our Holiday and Year End Recitals. Both students and faculty take part and there is always a live artist accompaniment.

Whether you are an advanced student looking to further your musical education, a retiree itching to start a new hobby, or a parent whose child is ready to begin their exploration of the wonderful world of music...we invite you to contact us.

Piano/Harpsichord Lessons

piano teacher playing instrument

Violin/Fiddle & Cello Lessons

Alternative Needs Students

Crescendo School of Music is proud to offer lessons to students with special needs. We have vast experience working with students with both learning disabilities and behavioral differences. To learn more, please contact us today!

RCM Exam & Kiwanis Festival Preparation

Crescendo is one of the few music shools in Calgary that offers preparation for both beginning and upper level Royal Conservatory of Music Exams. We make a concerted effort to keep our prices affordable...after all, we belive the joy of music should be accesible to everyone!

Contact us today to learn more.

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